Our Origin Story

Denis got his NFPA 1001 and thought he was ready to rock. Sat down in front of his HP laptop and started writing his all-star resume.

How do I write my cover letter? He thought, leading to a Google search.

Results page after page, he quickly noticed a complete lack of resources needed to make a stunning cover letter and resume.

Everything, I mean everything was geared towards a general boring resume *yawn*. He became determined to learn everything he could about the process.

Reading (and even highlighting *keener*) every book written on writing resumes for emergency services, teaming up with professional resume writers and making connections among the services to develop his template and method to help others.

After reading through so many of his friend’s resumes, he came to one conclusion: people sell themselves short.

He is now committed to helping others succeed by recognizing the power of selling the part of people that they don’t realize they have.

Thus, Emergency Resumes emerged from its cocoon and started its maiden flight.

About Emergency Resumes