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What exactly are you going to evaluate?

We'll evaluate your resume and cover letter using three main criteria;

  1. Keywords - do you have the right number of relevant keywords and are they used seamlessly throughout your package? Do you incorporate both hard skill and soft
    skills keywords?
  2. Formatting and overall readability - will it pass the 5-second test? (the average amount of time a person takes to initially look through  your resume). Are your skills & training highlighted? Does your resume include tables that ATS software cannot process? Are there spelling or grammar mistakes, or incorrect use of tenses?
  3. Wording Wording of your job descriptions and cover letter – do they relate to your desired field? Are your job descriptions generic or are they specific to what you have achieved, using action verbs and  including hard data to back up your statements.

Does this cost anything?

No, this won't cost you anything. However, if you wish to use our services to receive a personalized & keyword optimized resume and cover letter, we will provide you with a custom quote.

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