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‘friendly, helpful service from someone who really cares about you…’
– Past client hired with Toronto

What Makes YOU Stand Out on Paper?

Two people apply for the same position. Both have the same experience, background, education, and certifications.

One gets a call for an interview, the other doesn’t.

Why?! How does that happen?

It’s a challenge to write a resume that will be pleasing for a human to read but even more so when you know the first step is getting back their robots (keyword software gatekeepers).

Depending on the service you're applying for, they'll be using COMPUTER SOFTWARE TO SCAN to scan your resume and cover letter against 50-90 keywords

That’s right. Even before a human looks at it, a simple computer program (applicant tracking system) looks at your application.

So, how do you get around this? How do you make sure your resume gets past that infamous first gate and into the hands of a real person?

You can either go through the job posting and wealth on information on their site, picking out all the soft and hard skills, or

You can have a professional, with the knowledge, tools and proven experience with fire recruitment's do a complete re-write of your cover letter and resume.

Do you want to risk having your resume one of the biggest dreams of your life?

I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to create a professional resume. During the 1-hour phone call, Denis was able to bring out strong points that I wasn't aware of from my past experience and then organize the information in a very structured way. Well worth the money, especially for your dream career!

Alex Williams

Prospective Firefighter

What We Offer You

We Show Off Your Experience.

This isn’t the time to be humble.

Using our professional experience, we create your resume from the ground up.

We know which strong action verbs, keywords, and appropriate descriptions to show you in the best light.

We Show Off Your Experience
Get Them to Know You

Get Them to Know You.

No standard boring resumes here.

We personalize each and every resume we write.

With a 1-hour phone consultation, we learn about you by asking targeted questions about your professional, volunteer and education background. We also learn about your motivations.

Beat 98% of Your Competition.

… using the right keywords.

Using the essential keywords to ensure we get your resume in front of a person and not weeded out by a computer. Without keyword optimization, the right candidates often get overlooked.

On average, we increase our clients’ resume keyword match rate up 76%, and we prove it to you with screenshots of the before and after match rates.

Beat 98% of Your Competition
We Know Firefighting

We Know Firefighting.

We only do resumes for emergency services applicants.

We are passionate about writing resumes for people in emergency services. Our only focus is crafting well researched, well-written resumes to help kick-start or advance your career in firefighting or policing.

What Some Past Clients Are Saying

Remove the stress of writing your own resume.

Let us do the hard work for you!

We love to write resumes and... we’re pretty damn good at it too :-)

It’s all we do. Feel confident you’ll be submitting a fantastic professional resume package.

Click the button below to schedule to speak on the phone and to see if we're a good match.

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Because of our reputation and results, we get a lot of referrals and sometimes get more orders than we can handle. Because of this, we only accept a certain amount of orders per week. 

Note: Due to extremely high demand, I am no longer taking any new resume clients in the near future.

About Our Resume Service

We work closely with you to provide an ultra-personalized and targeted resume. Here are some features and benefits you get using our service.

  • One hour, 1-on-1 phone consult
  • Complete rewrite of your cover letter and resume. We start from scratch with our very own proven template
  • Guaranteed keyword match rate above 80% to maximize your chance of getting past their keyword software
  • Dedicated friendly writer
  • List of recommended courses to take to improve your chances (some of them are as little as $20)
  • Securely stored until 2023
  • Always 100% confidential. We will never reveal your name or qualifications to anyone

Resume packages start at $327 /CDN

Note: Due to extremely high demand, I am no longer taking any new resume clients in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before the purchase

Why do I need to speak with you on the phone first?

This is to make sure we're a good match-That you feel comfortable with us and us with you.

We often get more orders than we can handle from referrals so we want to make sure we bring on clients we can form a great relationship with and truly help.

Do I need to have a resume and cover letter already?

It helps for us to know your background before speaking with you on the phone, but we do not require this.

Collaborating with us

What if I'm not happy with what I get back?

Please allow us the chance to work with you until you’re happy – if you’re not, we'll refund 25% of the money you paid.

Note: Our satisfaction rate is 99.3% out of hundreds of orders.

What if I want my resume and cover letter amended for other services?

We do offer services to amend the cover letter as well as the keywords in the resume for a reduced fee. Please reach out to your writer for additional information.

Can you guarantee me an interview?

We would love to be able to say yes. Unfortunately, it would be immoral of us to make this kind of guarantee. There are multiple hurdles you have to cross before being hired.

What we can guarantee is a well-written, well researched, personalized cover letter and resume to help you stand out from the crowd. This will dramatically increase your chances of progressing to the next stages.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards; including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Also, we accept payments made through PayPal.

About Your Writer

Denis Caron has 18 years' experience between military and the emergency services.

He uses this knowledge and connections in the industry to help aspiring emergency service workers.

Denis knows first-hand that people work their butts off for years, spend thousands of $’s but are rarely awarded an interview.

After looking through hundreds thousands of resumes, he came to one conclusion: people sell themselves short.

His strong attention to detail, writing abilities, and genuine care for his clients has propelled his resume service to the most sought-after in the emergency services field.

He understands this business is about people. Provide value and treat them right, and they’ll do the same in return. Denis has got your back.