About the Emergency Resume Team

Denis Caron


Denis Caron retired after serving 10 years in the Canadian Military. He holds his NFPA 1001 I & II, and now has been working for 911 ambulance dispatch for the past 8 years. Denis is heavily involved with provincial projects in Ontario and local training for Ambulance dispatch services across Ontario.

More often than not, you’ll find him in the deep abyss of related YouTube videos. After he grows tired of that, he takes a break to watch the Office on Netflix for the 27th time, quoting Michael Scott in every scene.

Cat person? Yeah right. Well not until he started living with two of them. Now he secretly cuddles with them in bed. But keep that on the down low, he doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s soft.

He is also a published author currently working on the second instalment of his WW2 historical fiction novel, Dash for Dunkirk.

Anne Burton


Anne Burton

Anne Burton is an accomplished writer who loves to travel, always gravitating towards warm, sunny climates. Today, she and her husband chase the sunshine by spending summers in Ontario, Canada and winters in Georgia, USA. Smokey, a 22-pound Russian Blue cat, is their fur baby and the undisputed boss of their home.

Anne is an extremely proud mother of two. Her daughter is currently serving in the Canadian Military after first obtaining her paramedic accreditation. Anne’s son recently received a faculty-nominated award for demonstrated excellence in his Civil Engineering studies. As well, Anne has 3 wonderful young grandchildren. Anne’s passions include friends, life-long learning, reading and above all family and living a life filled with lots of laughter.

As well as counting both paramedics and firemen amongst family and friends, Anne gained a great deal of respect for first responders while watching them interact with her elderly parents. Anne’s varied career has always had one main focus–helping others succeed.

Anne has assisted new Canadians to troubleshoot their cell phones, supported the growth of 3 small businesses and now Anne will help you further your career in the firefighter/ems or police services with a customized, professional resume.