February 20

Police Cover Letter – 4 Paragraphs to Get Yours Right in 2019


If you’re applying to become a police officer, your cover letter is critical to nail. Learn how to show off the best you.

A professional police cover letter is just as important as a powerful resume.

Most people write their police officer cover letter all wrong.

What is a cover letter?

In short, it’s a sales pitch; your elevator sales talk. It’s where you direct the team to choose you.

This is why we are going to focus on your police officer cover letter on two points:

  1. Why YOU (what soft/hard skills do you have that will benefit them/what value can you add to their service) and;
  2. Why THEM (what do you know about them and why does it draw you there)
Police Officer Cover

The Foundation

First, each cover letter must be personalized to the police department you are applying to.  Take the time to research the service and address the letter to the Police Chief.  Secondly, your name and contact information must be clearly visible at the top of the letter. You don’t want to miss out on an interview because the hiring team could not easily reach you.  The letter should be 4 paragraphs in length.  Never use bullet points in your cover letter. Most importantly, triple check to make sure there are no spelling, sentence tense or grammar mistakes.

The Introductory Paragraph of your Police Officer Cover Letter:

The first paragraph needs to engage the reader immediately. Be confident, restate your name so it stays with the hiring manager and lastly include some key required skills listed in the job description. List a few of your accomplishments and state why you are the right candidate for the job.

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The Second Paragraph (The Why YOU):

This is the paragraph where you get to highlight how your skills fit the requirements for the police officer job. Unless you’re transferring to a new police department, you will lack direct experience. This second paragraph lets you expand on the specific soft and hard skills you have built through your life experience and how they relate to law enforcement. Point out how you have worked with vulnerable persons, ensured public safety or remained calm to resolve conflicts. These are universally desired skills.

The Third Paragraph (The Why THEM):

This paragraph requires you to some research and is a great place to showcase your ties to the community the department serves. Look up their values, any special teams they may have, their involvement in the community. Take the experience you have and relate it to what the department is doing/ has done.

I.E. If the service puts on annual child safety programs, relate it back to how you coach baseball and how much you appreciate what they’re doing.

The Fourth and Final Paragraph of your Police Officer Cover Letter:

Sum up everything you expanded upon in the two previous paragraphs. Again, confidently state your goals and engage the police chief by affirming that you want to learn and grow under their leadership.

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